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Round 1:


(HTC Vive)


Sound Designer

Total Dev Time:

2 Weeks

Baby Legs Title.png

Baby Legs is an arcade-like game on the HTC Vive where the player stomps on ants. The player takes the role of a father as they protect their baby while they're walking for the first time. The game has the player wear Vive sensors on their ankles to represent their feet in-game and use a remote to brush ants off their baby.


  • Arcade-like Action Game

  • Made with Unity

  • Players wear Sensors on Ankles and hold Remote



Ideation | Feedback & Iteration

Every BVW project comes with a forced constraint.

For this project we had the constraint of the player having to help a character A overcome/avoid character B's fear. For this project, I provided the game's main concept.

Baby Legs Ideation
Baby Legs Interim Feedback

After Interim presentations, we're given suggestions about our main gameplay, which made us go back to the drawing board about some features.

Sound Design

Sound Design | Music Composition | Vocal Recording & Treatment

Music Composition:

For this project I was going for a more laid back and comedic style given the artstyle we had going for the game. The game's soundtrack was composed in FL Studio.

Sound Design:

In this class we are given a sound library for use of our base sounds. For this project, I went for layering synths and a multitude of library sounds to make stepping on something not only sound realistic, but also like an arcade game. Filters were added to the baby sounds.

Baby Legs - Sound Reel.mp3
00:00 / 00:18

Vocal Recording and Treatment:

For this project, I had a friend of mine improvise many of the lines we used for the mother character. I also directed him when it came to outline specific instruction voice-over lines. All the voice-over was clipped, balanced, edited, and filtered in Audacity. The voice-over work was done by my friend Tyler Thompson, (his work is here).

Baby Legs - Voice Over Reel.mp3
00:00 / 00:19
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