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Date Started:   February 2017

Date Completed:   May 2017 (1.0)                              

June 2017 (2.0)

On the Run  is an arcade-like zombie survival game, where the player has to shoot zombies, collect coins, and fix their car to move on the next level. It can be played in your native web-browser and is set to the theme of Google Chrome's T-Rex Runner.


  • Survival Arcade Platformer

  • Written in JavaScript and HTML

  • Runs on web browser

  • Created during SteelHacks 2017



This game was originally a project idea for SteelHacks 2017. The game's original concept (as pictured above) was going to center around an "Indiana Jones" like character navigating up through a tower. The player would have to shoot down baddies and swing across pits in order to ascend to the next floor. Due to the time constraints of the hackathon, this idea was scrapped for a much simpler concept. Dubbed "Man That Jumps and Shoots," the game lived up to its name after one weekend of hard work. Due to the fact that I solely worked on the game aspect of the project, I decided that I would take it into my own hands to improve it once the hackathon ended.

Due to the simplicity of the game's design, many of the game's features were not written down in advance. However visual concepts that had to be broken down (like the intro plan above) were drawn on the computer.

Planning the parachute frames to the final animation.

A gif made from scratch to test the idea of the engine slide animation, before coding it.

The Engine: concept to final pixel art.

A good deal of the assets to test the sizing of the sprites.

Being that this was my first time at a hackathon and programming in HTML/JavaScript, I found it to be a fun challenge and learning experience that tested my ability to learn new programming languages.

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