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  • WebGL Education App for Tablet/Mobile

  • Made with Unity

  • Interfaced with a React Backend Database

Virtual Bar

Summer 2021  - Gameplay Engineer

      Working under Big eMotion, we were commissioned by Actual Size to implement a web app that teach students about blood alcohol level when ingesting certain foods.

      The app centered around an animated character, Gerrie. Users could click around menus and feed Gerrie different foods or Alcohol. They would then be able to see the effects of certain BAC levels and how long it would take for a person to sober up from that level.

      By the end of the project we delivered a WebGL App made with Unity that could run on Web Browsers, phones, and tablets. The project itself interfaced with Actual Size's React backend to help create the experience.

      This was my first job where the work I did was primarily programming and not design. The project taught me a lot about how to interface with a design team as a programmer, interface with a React Database, optimize shaders for mobile performance, and iterate on UI-based animations in Unity. Snippets of the project are featured in Big eMotion's project reel.

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