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National High School Gaming Academy



      The Nation High School Gaming Academy is a six week summer pre-college program where high school students learn all about video game production and the video game industry. Topics include programming in Unity, making Art in Photoshop, 3D modeling with Maya, team management and many others.

      During the first half of the program, students are put into teams and are tasked with remaking a retro game. During the second half, students are reassigned to different teams to make a project of their own. 

      I have had the honor to not only take part in the program as a student, but also work as a teaching assistant. I have taught both sound design and programming to students over the years. Topics I have covered include basic sound design, using Audacity, using Famitracker and beginner and advanced Unity programming.

2014             - Student

2015 - 2019 - Programming and Sound TA


Teaching a sound design class

Helping a student with their programming assignment

      Overall, it has been a fun experience that has taught me a lot about thinking on my feet and adapting to whatever a job can throw at you. It has also boosted my confidence when speaking in front of crowds. The best part is that I've worked with a wide range of students and have made a lot of friends through the program.


My final team (Greyscale) when I was a student

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