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The Odyssey Now Project

Fall 2017                           - Student Project Role

Spring 2018                      - Independent Study

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019  - Part-time Job

      The Odyssey Now project is centered at the University of Pittsburgh and focuses on revitalizing and extending the capabilities of the Magnavox Odyssey. Sub projects include: adding new hardware to the console, recording and uploading full tutorials on how to play the games, making new games for the console, and providing high definition scans of original artwork for collectors and players alike.

      As a student, I was offered the opportunity, to work as an artist for several of the new game titles while being enrolled in my "Critical Game Studies" class. This eventually allowed me to work on the project as an independent study for a semester. Currently, I am hired as an artist as a part time job while I continue my undergraduate degree.

Tanhauser Gate on an Actual Television.J

Here is an example of an overlay I created that is set up to work properly with an Odyssey Console.

Quaternity Overlay.png

      During my time as an artist, I was also able to design one game of my own. Titled The Quaternity, the game focuses on secret spies trying to smuggle in sacred squares into a triangle church. Pictured, is the final overlay of the game.

All of my work has been made using Inkscape in order create vector overlays for the games.

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