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Round 3:

Oh My CAT!

(Oculus Rift + Leap Motion)


Sound Designer

Total Dev Time:

1 Week

Oh My Cat! Title.png

Oh My Cat! is a time attack "match two" puzzle game for the Oculus Rift and Leap motion. In the game, the player must use their real hands to combine cats with similar features together to make bigger rounder cats. The goal of the game is to make the biggest cat planet.


  • Time attack puzzle game

  • Made with Unity

  • Use your real hands as controllers



Ideation | Feedback & Iteration

Every BVW project comes with a forced constraint.

For this project, we had the constraint of designing a game that was simply as fun as it can be in a week.

The main inspirations for this design came from Zoombinis and 2048. In Zoombinis, we liked that puzzles were based on the characters you created, each of whom all had a unique combination of traits. In 2048, we liked the simplicity of combining two objects to make bigger obvious objects.


We decided to combine both of those aspects to make a puzzle game that was both visually understandable, and thought provoking enough to be challenging under a time limit.

Oh My Cat! - Concept.jpg

These are some sketches I made when we were hashing out the main gameplay.

Other inspirations included Super Mario Galaxy and Katamari Damacy. We had plans to make a puzzle mode, a time attack mode, and a number of different cat features to match, but due to time constraints, we had to cut all but the timed mode. 

Sound Design

Sound Design | Music Composition

Music Composition:

The main inspiration for this soundtrack was Super Mario Galaxy, especially the use round bubbly instruments and orchestration to emulate the feeling of floating in space. This soundtrack was a challenge to make because I personally am not used to making music that doesn't loop. It was fun to change my composing angle for a song and I learned a lot from it.

Sound Design:

In this class we are given a sound library for use of our base sounds. For this project, I experimented a lot with synths to make more cartoon sounding sound effects. I added reverb and filters on the cat sounds to make them sound like they are floating in space.

Oh My Cat! - Sound Reel.mp3
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